RIVEARTH is inspired by nature and more particularly by the ocean to create timeless & durable collections.

Using only organic materials and minimalist and recycled packaging, RIVEARTH is proud to be a 100% plastic free and environmental friendly brand.

All our tees are made of organic cotton and made in respect of the human in a small factory in the North of Portugal

Always in a desire for sustainability, we only offer a large collection to which we introduce new products throughout the year. Slow fashion is also the sustainability of products, and you know what? You can wear them for years because we chose the best materials


A tee shirt yes, but not only

We truely believe that the planet and more precisely the oceans, should never be impacted by fashion industry or humans in any way

Protecting what we love sounds like the only way to change things, to make a real difference and to do so, learning is the clue

We want to make the scientists wrong when they say that "in 2050 there will be more plastic than fishes in the oceans"

The plastic issue is the biggest ocean problem of our century and we cannot, must not ignore it !

So our first move is to not aggravate this terrible situation and to do so we are 100% PLASTIC FREE which means that from production to expedition, we only use natural materials like recycled kraft, paper, silk paper ...

If you don't know, you can't do nothing, LEARNING is the clue and the social media give us this chance to spread informations, so sensitized our community ! 

That is why we do sensitization as much as we can like picking up plastic on the beaches whenever you can because every piece of plastic removed can save a precious animal 

Using only NATURAL FIBERS is also an important topic and that is why we only use ORGANIC fibers 

REDUCE YOUR IMPACT is also in our vision of the future, packaging doesn't make your product better quality, that is why we use a minimalist but beautiful packaging


RIVEARTH s'inspire de la nature et plus particulièrement de l'océan pour créer des collections intemporelles et durables. En utilisant uniquement des matières biologiques et un packaging minimaliste et recyclé, RIVEARTH est fière d'être une marque 100% plastic free et respectueuse de l'environnement.

Tous nos produits sont en coton biologique et fabriqués dans le respect de l'humain dans une petite usine au Nord du Portugal 

Toujours dans une envie de durabilité, nous ne proposons qu'une grande collection à laquelle nous venons implanter des nouveautés tout au long de l'année. Le slow fashion, c'est aussi la durabilité des produits, et nos tee shirts, vous pourrez les porter des années car nous avons choisi les meilleures matières 

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