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When you build a brand from start to bottom, all the choices are yours, which truly is exciting, but also very challenging.

Since 2019 Rivearth has become a very low impact brand for the following reasons:

⋆ plant based tee shirts

organic cotton

⋆ ethical sources

⋆ zero waste packaging

⋆ reusable Kraft enveloppe

⋆ plastic free brand 100%


One Kraft responsably sourced bag for delivery and THAT IS ALL.
What you buy is our product, not our packaging ! 

Of course it's lovely when you receive a beautiful package, branded, colored, with a thank you card, silk paper, a sticker to close the silk paper etc etc but once opened then what? You just keep your product and throw all the rest in the dustbin. 
Lifetime of the packaging? More or less 10 minutes ... 
This decision was not easy because we know, really, that the enjoyment and impression of receiving a gift is something cool but hey, the product is what matters.
Also, thanks to the double closing, you can even REUSE it for your personal use!


Industrie textile


coming soon...

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